/Developer's Guide


All of my node projects use Bob as the build tool.
A build involves running lint, complexity check, unit tests, tests coverage check, integration tests, and API documentation.

First, you need to install Bob (this is once-off only per node, unless you want to upgrade Bob):

npm install -g bob

Go to the project directory on the same level as package.json.
Download project dependencies (this is once-off only per project, unless when you modify the dependencies):

bob rmdep dep

Make your code changes, don't forget to add test(s). Each set of changes should involve either a new or modified test.
Before each commit, make sure you build the project:

bob build

The build currently doesn't have any coverage and complexity threshold.
Less than 100% coverage is currently allowed, but please aim for 100%.
As for complexity, please aim for greater than 65 on average maintainability.

If everything is good to go, you can submit a pull request.
Travis CI will then kick in to make sure that your PR builds fine.